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This is April Davis, or “Pinkie Pony”

She may seem innocent enough, but it turns out that she is an active poster on the notorious far-right website known as Stormfront, where in which she posted numerous posts regarding her objections to race mixing, same sex marriage, and multiculturalism.

Currently, she is posing as a tumblr blogger by taking down the brony fandom, to which she referred to as “the greatest threat to masculinity and white culture that we have seen in recent decades”.

She is extremely deceptive, and has many people on this website that actually believe that she is cleaning up the fandom for the better. Do not be fooled by her. This is not some poor highschool student trying to make an impact in the world. She’s actually 26, and an avid white supremacist.

Please reblog this and warn everyone of this plot, for she may turn her attention to undermining other fandoms on tumblr if she is not stopped.

Holy shit is this a joke?

What the fuck is wrong with bronies. Are they this seriously threaten by a 17 year old white girl that they have to go around making up false shit just to get people to hate her? Like, this is super pathetic and it makes me feel ashamed to liking the show. Oh my fucking god.

Holy Espurr, this needs to stop.

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